Carignano is placed on one of the most beautiful panoramic hills in the hinterland of Fano close to the homonym thermal centre. A territory of high landscape value managed with low environmental impact techniques, a heaven only 7 km far away from the sea.

The agritourism Da Carignano is placed in a privileged position as from here you can easily reach the main tourist attractions along the Adriatic Coast and the most beautiful places in central Italy, you are just few footsteps away from everything you always dreamt.

The environment is the typical hilly one, characterized by a great mildness due to the course of the ground, with alternation of cultivated zones, lawns and vineyards a splendid territory between the Adriatic coastal band and the hilly hinterland.
An important naturalistic patrimony, enriched from ancient suburbs, castles, fortresses, with a remarkable cultural, historical, artistical and architectural importance, colours, tastes, history and charming popular traditions.

FANO Roman city further to the austere historical centre and to its numberless monuments, offers the possibility to enjoy of two different types of beach for every taste; the “Lido” with a wonderful sand and the “Sassonia” a stone beach.

Of great beauty URBINO chief town with PESARO of the Province, University city, pearl of the Italian Renaissance. From 1998 its historical centre is UNESCO’s patrimony of the humanity.

Very known and well visited is the palazzo Ducale (Ducal Palace), one of the most interesting architectural and artistic examples of the whole Italian Renaissance, today it’s the centre of the national Gallery of the region Marche.

A heaven of rocky walls crossed and eroded by the Candigliano river that forms a striking naturalistic gorge from the unusual alpine aspect and with an unique charm, one of the greatest attractions of central Italy.
The place took its the name from “Forulus” that’s to say from the great Roman tunnel opened in 76 d.C. from the Emperor Vespasiano, this road, the Flaminia, is today still used to go from Fano to Rome. Not far away from here, you can find St. Vincent Abbey precious work of Romanesque style.

GRADARA known for the historical “Rocca Malatestiana” stronghold of the Malatesta Family and its strengthened suburb. Both are under the best kept Italian middle-age architectural sites.
Elected among the one hundred most beautiful suburbs of Italy, it’s the place where Paolo and Francesca (V° hell song of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy) lived their love.

The REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO or Serene Republic of San Marino has ancient origins, so ancient to be considered the oldest still existing republic all over the world with the most ancient written constitution still in force, ratified in 1600. Its oldest suburb, placed on the top of the Titano Mountain, between enchanted landscapes and modern tourist facilities, it’s earth of hospitality and welcome.
These are only some of the numerous places, you can visit close to Carignano, parks, castles historical towns, tourist towns, Karstic caves and so much other. We are waiting for you!